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Jul 17 2014
at 4:11 PM
I can’t wait till tonight! Especially after reading the reviews of the first two shows, I am even more ramped up. I wanted to go to all three of the greater Bay Area shows, but work had other ideas. Tonight I will be in heaven again!
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Aug 02 2014
at 1:00 AM
Bookmark and Share When I saw Bruce at the old wooden Chautaqua Theater in Boulder a few years ago, he invited us to come up and dance on stage! So I did... but if I got up on Pat’s stage, I’d be afraid to step on one of his prized pedals, or trip and fall and crush the Pikasso. Just two different zones, around my two favorite musicians.
Aug 01 2014
at 8:54 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m not a talker, but I do like to twirl & dance. Oh wait, this isn’t Bruce Hornsby with the Dead??
Jul 21 2014
at 5:06 PM
Bookmark and Share I always hear of these rude audiences and i think it really matters where you sit. I was about 4th row back, stage left and found the audience great around me. In addition with the Hornsby interaction i can see how people may be somewhat restless ie., moving around and such. Also, I may be able to do it, but in a large crowd of people there is bound to be some that are not able to remain seated for 3+ hours. Noisy audience members are a different subject, if that was your situation you have my sympathy.
Jul 18 2014
at 11:33 AM
Bookmark and Share I would really like to hear from others who went to this show last night. I thought the Unity Group were at the top of their game - Potter and Sanchez keep getting better and better - which is hard to believe from where they started! Williams has grown a lot in the past year as well, his solos last night were really awesome. What I didn’t like was the "new and improved Wells Fargo Center". I thought the acoustics were much better in previous concerts there - including the Speaking of Now tour. I also found the seats to be pretty uncomfortable. My biggest problem last night was with the audience. All throughout the show, people were moving around, going out into the lobby for drinks and bathroom breaks, and toward the middle of the set, were changing seats. For me, this is really disrespectful to the performers and to others in the audience who, like me, were trying to listen. The last encore was really tremendous! All and all, even with the rude audience and poor acoustics, this was a great three and a quarter hour show! Thank you Pat!
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