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Jul 16 2014
at 11:50 PM
I was blown away ( no exaggeration ) by Pat , Chris, Antonio, Ben, Guilio. !!!! I had seen the Unity Band in Florida early in the year, but the concert in Davis was the best I’d ever seen, ever. Pat was incredible ! He kept going for 3 hours straight, no break at all. Solos with each member of the group, and then solos by himself on all his guitars, esp the Picasso 43 string. Chris Potter was incredible, he has ramped up his repertoire I swear no sax player has attained. Just the most impressive demonstration of musical professionalism, dedication and world class expertise ... And more. The guys hung out at Mondavi for 2 days rehearsing for their US tour and it showed ! And the audience, often a little lukewarm to progressive jazz, were spellbound. Unity Group. .... You are the pinnacle of jazz perfection !!!
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Jul 18 2014
at 8:55 AM
Bookmark and Share This was the fourth time I’ve seen Pat’s groups in this venue. First was SON tour, followed by TWU tour, Metheny/ Mehldau, and now PMUG. I don’t take it for granted that I live in a place where Pat loves to play. This was the eleventh Metheny show I have attended and was billed as a warm-up show for the second leg of the world tour. It was general admission but I didn’t expect to get third row center seats. From this vantage point, you can see facial expressions, smiles, and the depth of concentration of all the players. Pat smiled in approval after every song and it was apparent the band enjoyed themselves immensely. I could not see Giulio and could not hear his contributions much beyond the wordless vocals. Pat shows great stamina staying on stage for nearly three hours, but I doubt there’s many places he’d rather be. I counted six guitars used by Pat and there was a short exchange of dueling acoustic guitar between Pat and Potter who showed he’s no hack on guitar either...(reminded me of the ID tour when Lyle played guitar briefly during "Roots of Coincidence") Anyone playing with Pat must be versatile and that’s important for a long show. Chris Potter is a typically versatile musician who covers considerable sonic territory, and Antonio and Ben serve as an outstanding rhythm section. Potter has a very inviting tone on sax, clarinet, and flute and he’s clearly comfortable playing almost anything. I feel blessed to see such expert musicians on a regular basis.
Jul 17 2014
at 1:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Did he play a tribute to either the late Horace Silver or Charlie Haden? Two greats who will never be forgotten!
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