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SUBJECT: Bob Curnow arrangement of Pat tune Afternoon Back to Subjects
Jul 09 2014
at 6:24 AM
This has come up before, but I just heard a track from Vol 2 of Bob’s fine big band arrangements of PMG tunes. It was Afternoon from Speaking of Now. What a beautiful arrangement... flugal and alto solos and very wide, lush voicings. I do a bit of arranging myself and I was quite surprised at this choice, but it really works and actually makes you appreciate anew the great chord changes in this tune... the arrangement really brings them out. Anyone else heard this collection?
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Jul 15 2014
at 3:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Wow, thanks for the link, mugsy. One helluva nice song line-up, too. Much appreciated.
Jul 14 2014
at 5:45 PM
Bookmark and Share You can buy Volume 2 here:
Jul 09 2014
at 9:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Love that tune (one of my faves--and too short!), but haven’t heard Curnow do it. Can’t locate it at amazon, and a worldcat search yielded something called MSU Jazz Ensemble with a lot of killer people listed, but that’s the only thing I’ve found with "Afternoon" on it. Sounds interesting, yoss, so hope to hear it sometime. Thanks for the heads-up!
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