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Apr 15 2011
at 5:20 PM
Prior to Pat’s concerts in Seattle and Portland is a new jazz festival in beautiful Whistler, B.C. Artists include Gary B, Kevin Eubanks, Spyro Gyra. Jazz looking on the Pacific coast.
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Apr 16 2011
at 12:24 PM
Bookmark and Share got to agree . a weekend up in Whistler and a drive down to Seattle sounds like springtime nirvana for any jazz enthusiast . (just so long as the Sea-to-Sky highway inbetween isn’t closed down due to another rockfall ).
Apr 15 2011
at 10:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat and Larry at Jazz Alley? Are you kidding me? Jazz Alley? YAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m there both nights no doubt about it. YAAAHHHHHOOOOOO! I will die a happy man!
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