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SUBJECT: Let’s express our request for DVD of Kin tour Back to Subjects
Mar 26 2014
at 8:35 PM
I was so moved by the Kin show I saw and would live a live DVD document of the tour. Anyone with me? Maybe like Orchestrion Project a live CD and DVD!
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May 29 2014
at 7:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Count me in for a DVD and/or Blu-ray version!
May 28 2014
at 3:50 PM
Bookmark and Share I am a fanboy and would certainly scoop up any video (DVD, Blu-ray) offerings.
May 07 2014
at 9:27 AM
Bookmark and Share A DVD would be great, but so many people are uploading the previous DVDs to YouTube (Live in Japan from 95 etc, and Imaginary Day DVD excerpts) that I wonder whether the production costs would ever be recovered. Although I guess Pat would prefer the official DVD appearing on YouTube than some terrible mobile phone footage which represents the music badly.
Apr 27 2014
at 2:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Look forward to that release. A live DVD is a great souvenir from the tour. Cannot wait for the two gigs in the UK.
Apr 14 2014
at 6:17 PM
Bookmark and Share (hand over mouth, impersonating another) Hey, yeah! How bout doing this?!
Apr 13 2014
at 5:27 AM
Bookmark and Share According to the Pat Metheny Unity Group shows on October 9 and 10 will be filmed (for DVD/BD)
Apr 08 2014
at 4:30 PM
Bookmark and Share I would buy it the minute that it was available. And I have some friends who have expressed similar sentiments. I hope they make a BluRay version as well. There is something special about the energy of music performed live in front of an apreciative audience.
Apr 08 2014
at 9:51 AM
Bookmark and Share I personally would like to see/hear some of the duets that Pat has been doing of his older material as well as the tracks from KIN and the first Unity band album.
mario toni
Apr 05 2014
at 9:32 AM
Bookmark and Share I’d rather go for Bluray!
Chris Digger
Apr 03 2014
at 5:42 PM
Bookmark and Share THUMBS UP FOR MORE LIVE DVDs!
Mr Flowers
Apr 02 2014
at 6:58 PM
Bookmark and Share I would certainly buy one!
Mar 31 2014
at 12:29 PM
Bookmark and Share I would buy it the second it got released!!
Mar 30 2014
at 9:59 AM
Bookmark and Share I envision a DVD compilation taking different nights and putting it all together ...........there are some amazing venues of large and smaller theaters..............some of the architecture is amazing. Also, seeing the reaction and interaction of the audience on different nights would be really neat.............Either way, the more I listen to KIN the more expansion and transcendence occurs............somewhat like putting water on a little sponge toy and seeing it expand to something completely different........................Often times when I listen to certain tracks I ask my other half if she was sure we were at the performance that night..............because a Metheny show is almost always a time warp........
Mar 28 2014
at 4:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Do it! No excuses!
Mar 28 2014
at 9:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Sign me up as well. I have lived with Kin (<-->) now for all this time and am constantly reminded that when Pat says, "Listen to this, this is ’a unique moment’ captured"… pay close attention, he know of what he speaks! Thank you Pat for ’realizing’ these MOMENTS.
Mar 28 2014
at 7:23 AM
Bookmark and Share My guess and expectation is that PM will record a DVD of this project. Many performers are doing this for posterity, increased income (which is not bad), and to give the fans who are not fortunate enough to see the group in person a chance to see them. I know this is alot of additional effort and work. All we can do is hope for this and wait and see.
Mar 27 2014
at 6:54 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree - that would be tremendous.
Mar 27 2014
at 4:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Get ’ur done! And not get hung up about it being the absolutely perfect and beautifully packaged production. Perhaps we’d get a heck of a lot more live concert DVDs that way instead of concert recordings just sitting there not released. The concert is where it’s at! There must be an economical way to accomplish this?
Mar 27 2014
at 9:16 AM
Bookmark and Share Absolutely!! Please do this.
Mar 27 2014
at 12:31 AM
Bookmark and Share I wholeheartedly join the petition for a live cd and dvd, even though my turn to see the show will not be until May 27 at the Kodaly Centre in my hometown, Pecs, Hungary.
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