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SUBJECT: Pat and the Boys in Eugene, Oregon Back to Subjects
Mar 02 2014
at 2:06 PM
This was the first time that Mr. Metheny played at the Juqua Concert Hall at the Shedd Institue. A beautiful night, and amazing playing. Mr. Potter and everyone else are stunning. I was only disappointed in the "Duck" audience that only demanded one encore. Tonight, they will be closing the Portland Jazz Festival. What an amazing tour schedule, and what continues to be a never ending progression of amazing virtuosity from Pat and the Band. The Great Northwest loves Pat. Don’t miss this show.
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Mar 03 2014
at 4:19 PM
Bookmark and Share This was the first time I had seen Pat in the Unity Band "format". It was a great evening at the Shed in Eugene. A second row seat was well worth the trip to see them (Pat for the 4th time). Bravo Pat! I enjoyed the evening immensely. Glad you are still touring and hope to see you guys again....
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